What is BioSignature?

BioSig is…

One of the most accurate systems of measuring your body-fat.

You also get a personal hormonal profile from the assessment as the system explains that where you store your body-fat is related to your hormone levels.


Created by…

It’s been developed extensively by renowned strength coach Charles Poliquin.

Read all about him here:  About Charles Poliquin


The process of the assessment is…

A 12-point skin-fold caliper reading.

A caliper is a large metal pincher with a dial.

A skin-fold reading is a pinch of skin where the width of the skin is measured (using the caliper).

Your measurements are placed into a software which calculates your body-fat % & highlights your areas of priority to be worked on.

Your practitioner determines the best course of actions for you & recommends a detailed plan.


This is how it works…

Your assessment highlights your body-fat % & focus areas. Your focus areas are listed in order of priority.

Your practitioner will explain these & guide you through exactly what you should do next to create a shift in your body-fat, health status & performance levels.

A supplement regime can also be determined from your results. Supplements are an important part of the BioSignature process as they help to balance your system & support or improve any possible vitamin & mineral deficiencies.

You follow the guidance & return in 1, 2, 3, or 4 weeks for a re-evaluation.


Benefits are…

Alongside dropping unwanted body-fat quickly, you will experience a rise in your energy levels, productivity, mental agility, performance & much much more.

This is a total system that can be applied to anyone’s life which stimulates radical positive change in a short space of time.


The point of you doing it…

Accurately determine your body-fat % & understand why you store fat in specific areas of your body.

Determine your personal focus areas that once dealt with produce a shift in every area of your life, especially areas where you may have felt blocked or stopped by in the past!

Not only will you perfect your body-fat (aesthetically pleasing) but you will also improve your performance levels both physically & mentally.

You will learn how to bring about greater health within yourself which can only benefit you long-term.


It’s superior because…

A seasoned practitioner can achieve 98% accuracy with their measurements.

The more assessments your practitioner has completed the more accurate they’ll be.

Less invasive

Quick & easy assessment

Detailed results thoroughly explained by your practitioner

You can watch your improvement week by week.


It costs this much…

Dependant upon your practitioners experience.

For ShapeTrainer Investment Prices: Click Here


You can get it done here…

To locate a BioSignature practitioner in your area Click Here

Alternatively if you are in the NW London area you can locate a practitioner Here.


Best of luck



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